Submission Rules

Before submitting your content, please read the following:

  1. By “original content” we mean that the content must be content that has not been previously posted on a site, forum, board or anything that can/will be found when images are searched using multiple search engines/tools. The submission must be content that you personally received from the content creator.
  2. The content must not contain child pornography (only girls between 18-25 years old accepted), zoophilia or scatophilia. If it does, it will be deleted immediately.
  3. The content must not have been created before 2020, otherwise there will be no sequel and therefore no rewards.
  4. Content must be primarily high quality resolution and the submission must contain a MINIMUM of 5 images/videos or combination of images/videos.
  5. After submission of the content, if we determine that the minimum requirements have been met and the content has not been published elsewhere, you will earn 150 Amethysts and also have access to the “Exclusive” sets after two validated sets.